Online Registration

All students enrolled in CCSD must have their online registration completed EVERY YEAR. 
To complete this process, you must know your child’s student number and be able to log into
Campus Portal. Your child's teacher can provide you with their student number,
but if you need help logging into Campus Portal, call 702-799-7678.
Register online via this link
Once you have completed your online registration,
complete this form that will require the following information:

1. Your registration confirmation number
2. Upload a copy of your power, water or gas bill that shows the
service address so that we may verify your address.
3. If you are new to Bonner, you will also upload a copy of your driver's license and bring a birth certificate, shot records, proof of residence (utility bill/lease agreement), and photo ID to the office.  
Please call 702-799-6050 to schedule an appointment 

ONLY after completing steps one and two, if you would like to
submit a teacher preference for your child, please complete this form by June 4th, 2021.

If your child attends Bonner on a zone variance, you will also need to complete a zone variance form for each child who attends Bonner and email it to Cari at
Please note: submitting a zone variance does not guarantee continued enrollment at Bonner, as we must consider the reason for the request, the total number of requests for zone variances, and the effect of the request on our school, as well as the zoned school.

Trouble Accessing your Parent Portal Account?

If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, click here

If you do not have an Activation Key:

contact the office at Bonner at 702-799-6050 for instructions on how to obtain your activation key.

2021-2022 Supply Lists

In an effort to make back to school shopping easier, consider ordering your complete supply kit online as well as process your class donation at  


They deliver all school supply items directly to your child's classroom, saving time and the hassle of bringing in supplies on the first day. 


In addition, they give $5 back to Bonner for every order!