School Hours and Lunch Info

Daily Recess & Lunch Schedule:

Kindergarten & 3rd Grade:

Lunch: 10:40-11:00, Recess: 11:00-11:20

1st Grade and Carson, Lowe & Reuss:
Lunch: 11:10-11:30, Recess: 11:30-11:50
5th Grade and Day, Holden & Zehner:
Lunch: 11:40-12:00, Recess: 12:00-12:20
4th Grade

Lunch: 12:10-12:30, Recess: 12:30-12:50

Inclement Weather Lunch Schedule:
Kindergarten and 3rd Grade: 10:40-11:10
1st Grade and 5th Grade: 11:20-11:50
2nd Grade and 4th Grade: 12:00-12:30

School Meals Have Gone Digital! 

Click Here For More Info! is an online payment portal especially designed to allow parents to make quick and easy online payments to their children's school accounts.  The system allows parents to manage their children's lunch accounts and manage other school accounts (such as lab fees or books fees), quickly and easily. 

Due to the success of the online payment program, The Food Service Department on-line payment system has reduced the transaction fee from $2.00 per transaction to $0, normal credit card fees still apply. We hope parents will continue to take advantage of this service to monitor student meal balances and to ensure that students are consuming healthy, nutritious school meals offered by the Food Service Department.